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“Playa de Palma Resort” by NOD

Render of “Plava de Palma Resort” by NOD

Welcome to the resort! We offer luxury 5 star accommodation in our exclusive bungalows where the dolphins swim right up to you and spit water in your eye…  well, until the tide comes in, and then your LEGO Pirates have their own private indoor swimming pool! But if they don’t like to swim, they can stay in the castillo… which is only 6 times the price! Did I say “castillo”? I meant “castle” – the Imperial Armada built it you see, hence the Spanish influence in the design.

Let’s give another nod to NOD, who has been working hard behind his computer, assembling digital bricks to bring us “Playa de Palma Resort”.  One of many great locations you can visit in the  Brethren of the Brick Seas forum!

NOD writes:

Artisan: Royal

Many immigrants came to Poppy Port through the Terraversa War. No taxes! This made Poppy Port bigger quickly. All people are free!


Welcome at the “Playa de Palma Resort”!


The Sea Rats do not have a king and queen. Here the guest is not king or queen. In a complaint, a coin is tossed. If heads the resort wins, if there is a number the guest loses. There are not enough stars to rate the Playa de Palma Resort. That’s why we give ourselves 1 comet! It goes without saying that 1 comet outperforms all other stars hotels.


4 bungalows at the beach, 4 rooms on the 1st floor by the castle, 4 rooms on the ground floor by the castle, 4 rooms by the tavern. Each room is 16 x 16. Every room has a window. Candles and lanterns are charged separately. Beds for children in the room have to be paid additionally.



There is a restaurant. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included for guests. Drinks must be paid.


Some children have built a castle on the beach. Really a very nice castle!


The sandy beach is very popular. There are free fruits. Very often dolphins swim by.

51191753746_9706224dde_b.jpgThere is a check-in after the bridge. Pirates, Patriots Attentive residents control the incoming. Any rabble is immediately thrown into the sea.


There are positions with cannons on the sea side of the castle. Entry to the castle is also controlled.


This settlement is mainly financed by seafarers and explorers. These find doubloons, goods and rich people who absolutely want to donate something.


Guests from other factions are also welcome. It really is a very great honor. These are given preferential treatment (they are allowed to pay more for everything).


Nobles and important people from other factions are very welcome. Of course, they get a discount (they are allowed to pay much more for everything).


The inside view from the buildings is in progress.


About the Builder…

NOD has contributed a lot of great builds to Eurobricks, mainly digital, and mainly in the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum where he supports the ongoing story. Check out his Eurobricks Profile and his Flickr Stream to see more of his builds, particularly if you’re a fan of the digital builds.


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