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“Palacio de Ratas Marinas” by NOD

NOD has gone into the hotel business! In the not so distance past we explored his resort, “Paraiso Bay” while today we visit the “Palace of Sea Rats” – for those who haven’t been captured by the Imperial Armada and taught Español, that’s the English translation of “Palacio de Ratas Marinas” .

And just look at how much those dirty rotten scallywags are enjoying their brand new hotel! Clocking at 128×112 studs, it is absolutely massive and includes everything sea-worn buccaneer needs to recuperate after a length voyage…

NOD writes:

This magnificent hotel has recently been finished. The Palacio de Ratas Marinas is built on the beautiful bay. People who have a tax allergy like to spend their vacation here.


Captain Ironhook will love this hotel!

Some guests are enjoying a dip in the crystal blue waters, while others relax on the beach, and others bask under palm trees, hoping coconuts don’t fall on their heads.


The friendly staff will greet you with a warm welcome – your stay might start with a bang!

The floor and stairs of the entrance area are made of 20 carat marble with the finest roses grow next to it. As you can see, the entrance is guarded by some “friendly” staff.


Even the rabbit has something to eat!

Delicious mushrooms grow next to the wall – try some and let us know if they’re actually edible. Did you know Red Corsair, the infamous energy drink, is brewed from the red mushrooms? Unfortunately we’re unable to provide the recipe due to the patent.  Two children work hard (yes, they’re paid well, damn you!). The boy is busy collecting mushrooms while the girl trains a rabbit in time for Easter.


Wow, there’s even a sausage sizzle!? On a pirate island? WOW!

At the rear of the building, beer and hot dogs are available for one doubloon each. Just last month pirates boarded attentive Sea Rats discovered a ship loaded with beer and seized it immediately did everything in their power to prevent it from going to waste…


Hot dog and beer rum: perfect combination!

This is a family friendly pirate resort, complete with annoying kids. Outside the picture is a sales booth with Sea Rat Cola.


They proudly fly the Jolly Roger to let those nasty Imperial Guards they’re not welcome here


It’s a hot day, with shade provided by the palm trees but don’t look up in case a parrot needs to…

Tables are available for those who book in a advance. The pirate good sailor (with the brown hair and beard) charms two lasses with tales of his daring adventures. Although, he tends to exaggerate and embellish his noble deeds, while completing omitting he’s recently spent most of his time in the galley, peeling potatoes and scrubbing the deck most as punishment for some naughty escapades in Tortuga.


He look! The kids have got hold of 40487 Sailboat Adventure

Ah yes, a day at the beach, fishing and have funny, under the watchful eye of security.


Most people are havin’ fun on the beach… most.

Diego, the man on the left brandishing the hot dog and beer shouts “Hola!”. Lou Wega, grabs his guitar and heads over thinking one of his fans is calling out. But alas, Diego hasn’t even seen him, he wants to capture the attention of the drug dealer business associate with the bag.


Where’s all his other fish? DUH! He already had them for lunch!

Actually, he actually caught five fish earlier today. The woman looks envious.



Any Soldiers here to defend the hotel? Not quite, friendly staff will do for now…


There are so many fun things for an aspiring Sea Rat to do here!

About the Builder…

NOD mainly builds for the Brethren of the Brick Seas game, and all of his creations are built digitally. You can follow him on Flickr to see more of his creations. If you would like to see more Pirates related content, check out the LEGO Pirates forum or hit the red button below to discuss this creation with Classic Pirates.


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