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Build A Minifigure Pirate, Q1 2024
New & Upcoming

NEW Pirate Wench “Build a Minifigure” Q1 2024 [OFFICIAL]

It’s a new year and a new LEGO Pirate be joining our crew!

2023’s Pirate Skeleton minifigure has been buried and another Pirate Wench minifig has been released as part of the Quarter 1, 2024 LEGO Build-a-Minifigure (BaM) selection.

LEGO 2024 Build A Minifigure Pirate holding bow and arrow

Closing one eye helps her focus on the target

These minifigs are available in 3-pack blister cards which retail for around US$9.99 / AU$19.99 and can be recruited from BaM Stations at LEGO Stores, or ordered from various online stores (which we’ll explore later in this post).

LEGO 2024 Build A Minifigure Pirate in Packaging

Fresh in the packaging – delicious!  But don’t eat.

Previous BaM pirate figures like Captain Redbeard and the first Pirate Wench are still nowhere in sight at LEGO Stores, but the Classic Pirates have located them at certain independent retailers (which we will still get to later in this post).

What Does the Pirate Wench Offer?

The main drawcard of this minfig is the torso design and the design’s extension upon the leg piece. This torso first surfaced during 2020 in 31109 Creator 3 in 1 Pirate Ship* and reemerged during 2023’s in the Gift With Purchase, 40597 Scary Pirate Island; but the printed leg piece is brand speaking new for 2024!

* official LEGO affiliate link provided for your convenience.

31109 Creator Ship Captain and 2024 Build A Minifigure Pirate

31109 Creator Pirate Ship Captain and 2024 Build A Minifigure Pirate

Let us halt momentarily to praise The LEGO Group for making the effort to deliver us something new! A complaint fans directed towards 40597 Scary Pirate Island be the included minifigure’s failing to offer anything fresh…. well by Jove, we have new pirate threads! Fresh from the tailor! Hoorah!

Overview of the pieces:

  • A tricorne hat with blonde ponytail (single piece)
  • A female head with designs printed on both sides
  • A blue torso with designs printed on both sides
  • Standard minifigure arms in blue
  • Standard minifigure hands in yellow
  • Blue minifigure legs with extension of torso design over waist and upper legs
  • A beige bow and arrow accessory
The default parts of the 2024 LEGO Build A Minifigure Female Pirate

Here’s what yer get if ye don’t part swap

The default configuration includes a female head and a crossbow accessory, although depending upon where you acquire the figure these can be substituted with whatever yer like. Because the torso design lacks bosom yer not strictly limited to a purchasing a female pirate figure… unless yer prefer gents with a little extra up stairs, in which case, you’ll be disappointed!

LEGO 2024 Build A Minifigure Pirate Front & Back

What if The LEGO Group printed a male face on one side and a female face on the other?

The blonde ponytail and tricorne hat are a single piece, but fortunately ponytails were the height of fashion for military men during that era, so no need to give it the chippity-chop!

LEGO Build A Minifigure Pirate 2024 - Captain Braunsfeld

Captain Braunsfeld opted for blokes – t’was as simple as swapping the head!

Most curious is the inclusion of a bow and arrow…  apparently The LEGO Group shall no longer include firearms in their Build A Minfigure towers… but a bow and arrow?

LEGO Build A Minifigure 2024 Pirate holding Bow and Arrow

The bow and its lethal arrow: suitable for children

The principal behind that technology is comparable to that of a musket or pistol; albeit with a more archaic mechanism for launching deadly projectiles. But the purpose of the device remains the same: to render the enemy unalive!

LEGO 2024 Build A Minifigure Pirate holding sword and pistol

Let’s add some real pirate accessories and bump her up to Minifigure Series* status

Not to worry!  LEGO Pirate fans can envision a backstory to explain why she may be in possession of a bow and arrow… rather than more traditional pirate ballistics.  Perhaps she was raised by Indigo Islanders and the trusty old arrow is a more effective means of shooting marauding pirates in the bum? Although, that origin story may already be claimed by The Admiral of the Imperial Armada, Don Diego de LEGO.

LEGO 2024 and 2022 Build A Minifigures

BAM sisters – The 2024 and 2022 Build A Minifigure Pirates

Also, let it be noted there are plenty of pirate accessories that could have been included instead of a bow and arrow piece. Maybe The LEGO Group was daringly sailing into uncharted waters to deliver us a part not previously included with pirates minfigs, granted that we’re constantly jabbering about new parts… but X marks the spot and the manufacturer may have landed too far from the spot!

So us fans shall gently steer them on the appropriate course…

LEGO Build A Minifigure Pirate Lady 2024 - Kolonial Beamterdemartinez

Kolonial Beamterdemartinez demonstrates how LEGO Pirate accessories should be done

In Kolonial Beamterdemartinez’ creation above, not a single weapon is present… but count the number of relevant pirate parts…  In fact, the good kolonial has almost created a small island set!

Where Can I Get This Minifigure?

Steer a course to yer nearest official LEGO Store and delve into the Build A Minifigure Station… the parts should be present. Although some have reported otherwise, so look a bit further afield.

If yer be lacking a nearby LEGO Store try the wonders of the Interwebs!

  • Bricks Megastore located in Australia and New Zealand is a chain of physical LEGO Certified stores that also accepts online orders and ships to both those countries.
  • Also located in Australia but ships worldwide/internationally, Bricks & Figures offers a wide selection of past and present BaM minifigures which you can purchase individually.
LEGO Build A Minifigure Pirate Girl 2024 - Bricks & Figures

Some shots by online store Bricks & Figures – now go BUY a minfig there!

They also provide a superb eBay store* loaded pirate minifigures*, past and present, so yer may procure this new pirate lady there.*

But wait!  There’s more…

Previous BaM figures pass you by?  Want to purchase more BaM figures, or recent minifigure that are no longer available at official LEGO stores?

Bricks & Figures has you covered!

LEGO Pirate Minfigures available on the Bricks & Figures eBay store

Bricks & Figures – has a great selection of recent figures in their eBay Store*

In order of left to right, top to bottom:

More LEGO Pirate Minfigures available on the Bricks & Figures eBay store

The Bricks & Figures eBay Store* also offers past Collectible Minifgures

Favourite Store for Purchasing BaM Minfigs?

And let us know if yer have a favourite online store for acquiring BaM figures so we can be adding it to thar list in future BaM blog posts.

* official eBay affiliate links provided for your convenience.

What Do Yer Think?

Shall this Pirate Wenchy be joining yer LEGO Pirate crew? Or have you press-ganged enough lassies in recent times?

LEGO Build A Minfiigure: Pirate Girl

There she be against a classic sky

Are yer happy with the parts offered with the default minifig?  Or will yer be doing some part swapping? And maybe some weapon equipping?

Tell us yer thoughts and share photos of your version of this new minifigure in the LEGO Pirates Forum or Facebook Group.


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