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“Customs Post, Hussar’s Isle” by Ayrlego

Nothing goes unnoticed (or undocumented) at this highly efficient Customs Post by Ayrlego. Inspired by the creations of both Evancelt and Bregir, he constructed an enhanced Imperial Guard tower with dark bley for the rockwork and dark tan for the landscaping.

To catch up on the latest news at Corrington, set a course for Brethren of the Brick Seas forum but make sure you have the necessary paperwork filed!

Ayrleo writes:

I was very impressed by @evancelt‘s semaphore station on Hussar’s Isle recently and have been meaning to build here myself for quite some time… (I have now almost built in every Corrie settlement… only Brickford Landing to go I think). I tried to incorporate some nods to his and @Bregir‘s previous builds at this location, using dark bley rockwork and dark tan landscaping. Someone posted a build with some white profile bricks earlier in the year which made me very excited, as I have been waiting for a long time for TLG to release them in white. Alas it was not to be! But it did get me wondering and I recently was able to acquire a hundred or so off-brand white profile bricks. So I’ve given them a go here and it re-enforces my desire for The LEGO Group to release them in white ASAP!

Anyway my third and last build for Task 11 ‘Strategic Outposts’ for GoC. Ownership will be turned over to the faction and it will be licensed as a large commerce in Hussar’s Isle. I quite enjoyed this one, hope you guys do too!

The Story

Hussar’s Isle; a tiny Corlander settlement in the Rider Island’s to the North East of Cocovia, exists purely to watch over the Northern approaches to the important Corlander settlements of King’s Harbour and Quinnsville on Cocovia. At this time the settlement is still purely a military outpost and construction has recently been finished on a fortified customs office and coastal surveillance station. Manned by a Royal Customs and Excise Officer and a half company of Royal Marines, the outpost is tasked with recording maritime traffic in the Northern approaches to Cocovia. Equipped with a powerful telescope, the ships can be spotted a long way out to sea. An attached hussar can gallop quickly to the semaphore station or fort with news of approaching vessels. The marines man the battlements and the outpost is kept stocked with a good supply of power and shot to see of any potential raiders. 

About the Builder…

Ayrlego is like a brick factory in overdrive! He regularly churns out high quality contributions to Brethren of the Brick Seas like there is no tomorrow! You can see more of his wonderful builds on his Eurobricks profile and Flickr.


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