“On the road to Pamu” by Bregir

A few hours ride from Westface up the Drake River, a small delegation of Corlanders iss watering their horses at a Terraversan watermill in the early dusk. Captain Brickleton, Lord Spud, and Consul Montoya are discussing the situation, while young Baker is tending the horses.

“Reports indicate that Oldis has retreated to Pamu with his forces after the defeat of Kings Port, where he has linked up with the large force of Eslandian mercenaries landed there to support him. They are still outnumbered by the Oleonese force in Kings Port, but not by a great margin.” Captain Brickleton said, reiterating the tactical situation on the island.

“Indeed, Captain. A very similar situation to our own in Westface: Potentially outnumbered by the Bluecoats, should they single us out!” Lord Spud exclaimed sternly. “Perhaps the honourable consul can expand on the diplomatic situation?”

“Ser?!” Lord Spud repeated at Montoya.

“I could swear those are Phasianus Celestiales…” Montoya muttered to himself, before being brought back to reality by Lord Spud’s insistent tone. Lord Spud was not a man to ignore, and neither was their mission. “Why, yes, of course…” he said as he recollected himself. “The exact nature of the Eslandian commitment is rather… uncertain. So far, it seems to be privately funded mercenaries, with no official declaration of support for Oldis and Terraversa as of yet, nor official commitment to any war.”

“However, Eslandola has long held strong ties with the Archduke, and latest intelligence indicates that the Colonial Council is currently meeting to discuss further assistance.” With a shrug he added: “One never knows what the outcome of these odd republican machinations will be, though.”

Spud considered this for a moment. “Nonetheless, while divided we are each outnumbered, united our forces would outmatch the Bluecoats by a large margin.”


Brickleton nodded and added: “As to our route: By avoiding the coastal roads, we should be clear of patrols and settlements occupied by the enemy. We have been provided with a map for the interior, and L’Olius ensures us that the Atwi will help us on our way. In a few days, we should be able to make it safely to Pamu.”

“Time is of the essense – Oldis may be tempted to accept a peace deal regaining him Kings Port, leaving us to deal with the Bluecoats alone. L’Olius. however, has made it very clear that he is not likely to abandon us in favour of a deal struck between Oldis and Oleon. There seems to be little trust between him and the Archduke…” Montoya scratched his head and concluded: “Our presence in Pamu with a message of coordination and cooperation could change Oldis’ perspectives…”

“As soon as the horses are watered, we shall ride on.” Lord Spud declared. “And you know the way, Captain Brickleton?..”

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