“Unto The Breach” by Evancelt


When you have Imperial Guards in your garden…

Evancelt strikes again with another nifty MOC he shared in Brethren of the Brick Seas!  Here we see the 33rd Regiment “Red Sons” and Port Raleigh Militia attack Aurelia’s western gate. But what happens next? Did Aurelia’s defenses hold?  Or did they succumb to an unfortunately and bloody doom?

The Story

After returning to Port Raleigh from his reconnaissance mission to observe Aurelia’s defenses, Captain Hunter exchanged his plainclothes for an officer’s uniform. He met with the commanding officers of the 33rd Regiment “Red Sons” and Port Raleigh Militia at Flynn Blockhouse to describe the mission they were about to embark on.

The following morning, a large contingent of 210 soldiers sailed upriver to the headwaters of Queen’s River. There they were joined by 40 Ténotclaxcan warriors raised in Elisabethtown. The Ténotclaxcans had a good relationship with the Corlanders, having traded with them successfully for many years. The native warriors led the group overland along ancient interior paths toward the northeast corner of the island.

The group approached Aurelia from the west. Aurelia had only one small fort which was positioned offshore on a small island. By keeping Batterie Royale directly on the opposite side of the city from their approach, the joint Corlander / Eslandolan force hoped the fort would be unable to fire on them for fear of hitting the settlement.

As they slowly inched closer to the edge of the jungle, Captain Hunter had the 33rd deploy a 12-pounder to the side of the path. A prickly canpear fell from the tree canopy overhead, causing the soldiers to momentarily freeze in their tracks. Finally in position, the troops crouched low, ready to spring into action once their presence was known. Taking sight of Aurelia’s western gate, the artillerymen let loose the field gun with a mighty roar. The shot collided heavily with the gate, blowing it off its hinges. The combined force rushed toward the now open entryway. Unto the breach!


About the Builder…

Evancelt is a prolific builder and has earned the special MOC Expert tag for his contributions to the Eurobricks Forums. Evan is a regular contributor to both the LEGO Pirates MOC Subforum and Brethren of the Brick Seas, constantly impressing audiences with his unique and often humourous creations.

About the Author…

This blog post was written by the infamous AFOL celebrity, Jonnie Samanen who only joined Classic Pirates for one day.  In that short time Jonnie actually accomplished quite a bit. In fact, it was like an episode from one of those long running television series. Remember the good old days when TV shows had around 22-26 episodes per season?  To meet the episode demand they have “stock” episodes with storylines that followed a particular formula.

This was the episode in which they take on a new recruit, who at first seems perfect.  But, by the second commercial break the recruit’s behaviour subtley hints  there may be something dubious about this character. Then, around the middle of the episode, the recruit’s true motivations are revealed and he sabotages the operation before the main cast realises what’s happening.  Now the main cast must  frantically spend the rest of the episode putting a stop to their saboteur and getting things under control… before it’s too late!

Well, that’s the best way to describe Jonnie’s thrilling escapade as he attempted to infiltrate Classic Pirates and Eurobricks. But we managed to get a decent blog post out of him, so we thank him for his wonderful contribution and send our love!


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