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“ETTC Warehouse, Black Beach” by EvanCelt

Star Brethren of the Brick Seas contributor, EvanCelt has painfully set aside his DUPLO to utilise more traditional foundations for this MOC.

Notorious for his Imperial Guard creations (or “East Terran Trading Company” in the BoBS universe), he’s expanded his repertoire of structures with a warehouse, situated on top of a volcano – we just hope it’s dormant!

EvanCelt writes:

The East Terran Trading Company has established a warehouse in the Corlander settlement of Black Beach on Gunpowder Island. The island is distinctive because it has a volcano in the interior, resulting in black sand beaches. Gunpowder Island is rumored to have rich veins of copper and abundant saltpeter, which provide ample reason for the ETTC to express interest. While the settlement is still fledgling, ETTC clearly sees the importance of the future resources to be extracted.


Guard tower of warehouse

Legend has it, the island is also inhabited by hostile natives, so a compliment of ETTC sepoys secure the facility.

Imperail Flag on Guard Tower of Warehouse

A soldier from the nearby Martello Tower brings a bag of outgoing mail to the warehouse, where it will ship out for Port Woodhouse.


Front of Warehouse

A friendly monkey helps stand guard, while an even friendlier seagull patrols the westernshore

About the Builder…

Evancelt (Evan Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon) is a legendary DUPLO builder who’s earned our prestigious MOC Expert tag. Much attributed to contributions of resounding quality he’s made to the Pirate MOC and Brethren of the Brick Seas forums, during the past few years,

His prolific output is shared on both Instagram and Flickr where he dazzles followers with innovations – check out the “mini red coats”. And being a tech-loving nerd, he maintains his own website. There you can all learn about Duplo pirate ships, just like Dreamweb who incorporated a DUPLO hull into one of his Pirate ships.

Now, set sail to the LEGO Pirates Forum, so you may have pleasure of engaging with Evan yourself!




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