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Photo of "The Battle of St. Lucia" by Mark of Falworth
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“The Battle of St. Lucia” by Mark of Falworth

Mark of Falworth has created another masterpiece!  Stunning brickwork, amazing details, and great minifig action bring this creation to life.  It really showcases Marks ability to create spectacular landscapes rich in texture, color, and interesting building techniques.  Truly a work of art by a great artist!

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Mark Writes:

A map discovered on board the “Soldat de Fortune” depicted the mythical treasure of Blue was hidden beneath the doorstep of the church of St. Lucia. Being eager to take this golden opportunity, Mark of Tortuga and his fearless crew descended upon the sleepy island colony.

Though the village was usually a quiet, out-of-the-way spot, a garrison of a dozen well-armed Bluecoat militia was waiting for them!

Undeterred by the resistance, the pirates charged wildly at the terrified Bluecoats and began to pummel them into submission. Just as a piratical victory against the cowardly foe seemed certain, lo-and-behold a cannon shot roared to the left of the combatants!

The bold and brave Redcoats rushed towards the fray with muskets blazing!

Who will come out victorious in the Battle of St. Lucia?

Photo 03 of "The Battle of St. Lucia" by Mark of Falworth

Photo 02 of "The Battle of St. Lucia" by Mark of Falworth

About the Builder

Mark of Falworth is a prolific LEGO MOC builder and you can observe more of his talent on Flickr.

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