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Render of "No Worse Enemy, No Better Friend" by CapOnBOBS
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“No Worse Enemy, No Better Friend” by CapOnBOBS

CapOnBOBS just keeps building! BOBing and building is what he does the whole day long… not with a mountain of LEGO bricks, but with the power of digital technology! In other words, here’s another of his Computer Aided LEGO Designs.

This time he’s assisted the blue coat Soldiers in constructing a nifty building for their embassy in Oleander, and they’ve spared no expense – it’s even adorned with gold. Spoils of war no doubt, because that crown from Pirates Perilous Pitfall was bound to fall out of the hands of the Imperial Armada eventually.

So dive into the Brethren of the Brick Seas forum for more thrilling builds or read on to learn the story behind “No Worse Enemy, No Better Friend”

The Story

It was a long and complicated road that led to war between the Crown of Oleon and Arch Duke Oldis, but when Ultima Ratio Regum (Historic note: “The Last Argument of Kings:” cast on every cannon forged during Louis XIV’s reign) is called for, then there is no worse an enemy than the forces of Oleon. The destruction of King’s Port has demonstrated this plainly enough to the inhabitants of the Brick Seas.

TVConsulateBut… once the final shot has been fired, and the peace signed, there is also no greater friendship than to be a friend of the Kingdom of Light. Now, it is time to demonstrate this fact to the Arch Duke and the whole of the Brick Seas as well. This is why recently promoted Colonel (COL) Edward Beauchamp and the Garde de Grenadiers du 1er Régiment (1st Regt Grenadier Guards) immediately transitioned to humanitarian assistance and then the reconstruction of the Arch Duke’s Capital when the Peace Treaty was finalized.


With the help of the young Colonel, the Crown’s representatives selected a moderately sized plot in the center of King’s Port’s governmental quarter as the site for an embassy.

As a memorial to the brave soldiers and ferocious fighting on both sides, the Oleander Architects preserved the pockmarked remnants of the plot and incorporated the ruins into the new embassy.

TVConsulate_3Though, as a representative of the Kingdom of Light, the structure must still demonstrate the piety and majesty of Oleon.

TVConsulate_3_8A public drinking fountain on the pristine side of the new embassy allowing the King to provide a drink to any who are thirsty.

TVConsulate_3_6The balcony in the back of the building provides an appropriately grand forum for discussing how the Oleon can improve relations with their new neighbors and to promote healing, peace, and cooperation with the Arch Duke’s new government.

TVConsulate_3_2As the candle lights reflect off the gold of the chandelier, a representative from Oldis’ military HQ, the Charge d’affaires, the recently appointed Ambassador Renee Durey, and COL Beauchamp discuss the final details of the security agreement for the new embassy.

TVConsulate_3_5A small garrison of consular troops will protect the actual facility and Oldis’ own forces will take the Oleander Embassy into their security responsibilities as with the rest of the Government Quarter, but without access onto the grounds. This pledge from the forces of Oldis to protect, with their lives and honor, this mission which Oldis has recognized as enjoying the rights of sovereign Oleander territory, is, in itself, a great leap forward for the new relationship.

TVConsulate_3_2With the security of the embassy confirmed and the affairs of the crown in King’s Port clearly now the responsibility of diplomats, and not the military, COL Beauchamp is satisfied that his troops are ready to withdraw to their quarters in Nola Mar. As he walks out of the building, leaving King’s Port for the first time since the death of COL Delange, his own promotion, knighthood, and the honor of Commanding his beloved Grenadiers, Edward looks up at Neptune, who ebbs and flows the fortunes of men as often as the changing of the tides, and wonders what the gods have next in store for him and his Regiment.


To be licensed as a medium cultural build demonstrating, and providing a headquarters for, Oleon’s support for the Arch Duke, a former enemy, now turned friend.

About the Builder…

CapOnBOBS (although elsewhere he may be known as D Capo) specializes in digital builds and most of his creations are contributions to the Brethren of the Brick Seas game in the LEGO Pirates Forum on Eurobricks. has also featured his past MOCs like the magnificent ship, the  “HRS Phoebe” and the “Drydock, Beauchamp Shipyard”.

However, you can view even more of his LEGO talents on Flickr if you’d prefer everything in one convenient location.

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