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“The Sword of the Seas” by Bricky_Brick

Remember how Bricky_Brick submitted a creation to LEGO Ideas and eventually it became Pirates of Barracuda Bay? (If you don’t you either need your memory checked or have a lot of homework to do).  Well, Paokus Sanchez is a very talented AFOL, so it’s only natural he’d explore other facets of the LEGO Pirates theme, ships being a quintessential aspect.

Here we have the Imperial Guards (red coats) sailing a mighty battle ship… The Sword of the Seas flying Soldier (blue coat) colours.  Eh? What? That can’t be right. Ok, let’s look at the backstory for a possible explanation…

The Backstory

Messages have been received regarding a pirate bay. The royal message is clear and the governor wants his best ship for the expedition mission, “The Sword of the Seas”, the fastest ever seen so far. Some pirates call it that because it is able to split its bow on other ships and sink them in moments without the need of cannons. The powerful front structure repels any threat.

Ah, nope. No explanation as to why the Imperial Guards are flying the Soldier’s flag. So either they’re imposters or the builder has overlooked the correct insignia. Admiral Woodhouse must be furious! But it doesn’t matter, does it?  You didn’t support this ship on LEGO Ideas, did you? Well guess, WHAT! It’s too late! The project has expired so here’s yet another glorious Pirate creation you’ll never get to own for yourself.

A stunning render

The redcoats are having fun!

Render of Sword of the Seas

Get ready for a sailing adventure!

Render of Sword of the Seas

This picture provides a better look at the fearsome cannons

Render of Sword of the Seas

Bricky_Brick writes:

A ship with all its needs, watch post, barrels of food and water, cannons, rest rooms for the crew, captain’s cabin, cargo hold  and command post among others, there is also a small dungeon.

Important note: The main intention is that the final model carries cloth sails and not Technic one. This would reduce the number by approximately 700 pieces in addition to the built in weight.

Thank you very much to everyone for being there supporting not only my project, but the projects of all those people who have made with love and affection to give it to all the followers of LEGO.

Thank you

Render of Sword of the Seas

A side view of the ship…

Render of Sword of the Seas

Render of Sword of the Seas

The ship could be separated into smaller modules for easy interior access.

Render of Sword of the Seas

Just look at that bed! The redcoats will definitely be happy to sleep there…

Render of Sword of the Seas

Render of Sword of the Seas

The complete minifigure lineup…

About the Builder…

Fans of LEGO Pirates should have heard of Bricky_Brick, as he is the designer behind the incredible Pirates of the Barracuda Bay. In addition, he has submitted a whopping 60 projects on LEGO Ideas – of which an impressive 10 have reached the 10k mark!

If you have already missed out on supporting this wonderful project, you can still check out his other projects on his LEGO Ideas profile! You can also follow him on InstagramPinterest, Twitter and Flickr where he regularly posts about his LEGO builds.

And, as always, hit the red button below to discuss this MOC in the LEGO Pirates Forum.


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