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“Brick-Terre Tavern” by The Plastic Brick

As always, Pirates need a place where they may rest and drink a keg. For that we have pirate pubs taverns and thankfully, The Plastic Brick treats us with an amazing build, entitled “Brick-Terre Tavern”.

Front of the Brick-Terre Tavern

The back can open up to create an illusion of a bigger building. Quite devilish, so to say…

The Plastic Brick writes:

This MOC is designed with play in mind, so it is sturdy and provides access to the interior rooms. The building opens in the back and reveals a variety of scenes.

I really enjoy the color scheme, brick arches, balcony and the details of interior. The little nook table with Redbeard is my favorite, though.

Aye, this MOC indeed includes all the things listed above. Many non-pirate elements are used throughout the build, like them vehicle mudguards. All of this sounds exciting and I be sure that this tavern might remind ye of another one, but I can assure ye that this masterpiece is of its own class.

Main entrance of the Brick-Terre Tavern

Come, join yer mates for a keg (or two) of rum! Ye won’t regret it…

Open back of Brick-Terre Tavern

A look from behind. So many details and things to see! Even the stairs can move just like in Hogwarts any self-respecting pirate tavern!

Now that ye have a great idea how it all looks, let us take a closer look on the present characters in this holy building.

Happy bartender of Brick-Terre Tavern

The bartender seems to be rather happy about her job. She should be careful, though, that ship in the bottle shouldn’t be standing like that…

Pirates enjoying their drinks by the fire

I can’t seem to figure whether these pirates are about to fight or have a drinking contest

Redbeard enjoys his drink too

Captain Redbeard is overseeing everything in the tavern with his trusty parrot Popsy

Brick-Terre Tavern is such a popular place that even Captain Redbeard visits it! There have also been rumours about his nemesis around the area…

Governor Broadside plans his next attack on pirates

And there he is! Governor Broadside seems to be Admiral Broadside now. Wonder what is he discussing? A plan to capture all pirates?

Pirates having way too much fun

These two pirates seem to be having fun, so monkey shows his best tricks!

All of these people are having fun! Apart from demoted Admiral Broadside and his Imperial Guards, he has important plans to attend to. Besides him, everyone else has enough to drink for at least five days!

Back of Brick-Terre Tavern

And here be the back of the tavern. Quite splendid too, given the fact that the only people that ye may meet here are those who had too much to drink…

About the Builder…

Some of ye may wonder, who is The Plastic Brick (also known as Ryan)? Truth be told, he can’t be found on Eurobricks but opposed to that he is on Instagram and Flickr. So check him out on these sites as he has a wide range of amazing MOCs, among them being few pirate MOCs too! He also has a store with the same name which sells retired LEGO sets, so if yer interested, check it yerself (Classic Pirates does not profit or encourage anyone to buy from any stores, spend yer Reales at yer own risk). Of course, be sure to visit LEGO Pirates Forum and Pirate MOCs subforum for more amazing pirate builds, including this one.


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