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Featured Image for "Trouble in the Tavern" by Captain Braunsfeld

“Trouble in the Tavern” by Captain Braunsfeld

Pirates have been known to roam the seas for as long as we can remember, but what happens when they get thirsty? They can’t just simply drink sea water. No, they head to the nearest pirate pub tavern to have jolly good fun. The infamous Captain Braunsfeld has created this simple yet outstanding tavern to represent a classic Trouble in the Tavern.

Captain Braunsfeld writes:

Last Friday in the “Three Cannon Balls” tavern some trouble started, the usual trouble in a pirate tavern.

Initially I just wanted to build the interior of a pirate tavern, but then it seemed possible to have a somewhat decent outside too.

Tavern that seems to have trouble

Such a neat, classic look!

From outside Three Cannon Balls tavern looks like any other tavern in a modest town like Tortuga. It screams classic quite a lot. But inside it, chaos ensues as another Friday trouble has been caused due to one man insulting the other by dropping his glass of Rum to the ground.

A calm before the storm

You may insult a man’s family, steal his boat, but never, never do ye drop his glass of rum! Those two lads are really asking for it!

Fight begins in the tavern

That poor pig has to hang over some translucent plastic all day long!

And so the trouble begins! Tavern’s owner must have a rough time cleaning the place up every day. Is that Captain Brickbeard hiding himself on the right?

A better overview of trouble in the tavern

The biggest mystery to me and everyone else probably is the way how pirates get up to the second floor. Seriously, where’s the ladder?

An overview of the trouble in the tavern

No, better question – how does the owner get up to that supply crate at the very top?

Groovy angle of the tavern 1

Check out this groovy camera angle of the tavern!

Groovy angle of the tavern 2

And another groovy angle, just a little different, lets you better see the spilled glass of rum!

Ye might think, why is this amazing MOC being blogged in 2021, when it was presented in 2016? Well, no one is quite sure why this masterpiece was never blogged back in the day, but better late than never! No one can stop a trouble in the tavern, not even Imperial Guards, it just happens by itself, whether it’s an insult, spilled rum, bad chess game or even a challenge, these things are expected in Buckingham Palace any pirate tavern.


Now, better question would be – why didn’t you notice this MOC in 2016? Why weren’t you there when Captain Braunsfeld presented it? At this point it is too late for any apologies, time has passed but this masterpiece shall not be forgotten!

About the Builder…

Captain Braunsfeld is a very well known builder who has been contributing for a long time on LEGO Pirates forum, Pirate MOCs and Brethren of the Brick Seas. His builds are accompanied by humorous text and not only has he built land-based MOCs, he also has astonishing vessel contributions, one of his best known ships might just be HMS Colourless. At the moment, he has an ongoing Tulip selling series in BoBS game.


Besides his presence on Eurobricks, Captain Braunsfeld also has a Flickr account where he posts all his LEGO rum collections amazing MOCs, so be sure to check them out, trust me, it’s worth all the gold in the world.


If ye are interested in expressing yer apologies for not commenting on Trouble in the Tavern back in 2016, you may hit the red button on the very bottom and visit LEGO Pirates MOCs subforum, if ye want to discuss all things pirate, do consider visiting LEGO Pirates forum. And if ye want to see the Tulip selling series, then be sure to check it out in Brethren of the Brick Seas.


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