“Servant’s Gate” by Spud The Viking

Spud The Viking deviates from LEGO Pirate’s usual Caribbean setting with this Brethren of the Brick Seas creation. As you can observe the Imperial Mail gets delivered no matter where in the world it is sent!

Spud writes:

A small and simple build for one of the Glory of Corrington Tasks. I was inspired by a repost of a build on Instagram who the account did not credit. Investigating Flickr, I found the original builder here.


The Lotii community in Port Raleigh has grown significantly over the past few years. While the rest of the settlement enjoys a friendly connection with the Lotii, there is still a wall separating the groups. One of which is reserved for servants, and given the size, only those entering on foot.

The gate was most appealing, given the cherry blossom tree and bamboo clearly visible from outside, beckoning the intrepid Corrington native to enter and explore the oriental plants and architecture.

One busy Lotti servant was busy carrying food supplies, only realising he had went to the wrong gate.

However, one unamused Corrie officer walked past, delivering a letter between the two forts in Port Raleigh. Apparently, he didn’t want the smell of fish to linger on his freshly laundered uniform.



About the Builder…

Spud The Viking is a regular contributor the popular Brethren of the Brick Seas game and you can see more of his fantastic builds on Flickr.

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